Pre-engineering at Edgewood

Edgewood has a dual degree program in which students can get a liberal arts degree from Edgewood and a BS degree from UW-Madison in an engineering field.

Typically, students spend their first three years at Edgewood fulfilling general education requirements, and taking math and science classes that will transfer towards their engineering degrees. Students then spend their last two (or more) years in the School of Engineering at UW-Madison. In addition to engineering coursework, students also complete a (paid!) internship for a summer or semester during this time. These internships often lead to jobs after graduation.

Students at Edgewood have the option of choosing a Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics major with a Pre-Engineering Concentration. The required core courses for the pre-engineering program are:

  • CHEM 120 S General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 121 S General Chemistry II
  • MATH 231 M Calculus I
  • MATH 232 M Calculus II
  • MATH 233 M Calculus III
  • PHYS 201 S College Physics I
  • PHYS 202 S College Physics II
  • PHYS 350 I Scientific Computing

Upper level courses are chosen from physics, chemistry, and/or mathematics based on your major and your engineering interested. You should choose a major that helps you prepare for whichever field of engineering you are most interested in.

Edgewood Major

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First year students should start by taking Chemistry 120 and Calculus (Math 231) in the fall semester at Edgewood. In the spring semester, pre-engineering students should plan to take Physics 201, and continue with Chemistry 121 and Calculus 2.

Placement and/or credit for AP Physics, Calculus, and Chemistry may be available. Contact your freshman advisor for details.

  • If you earned a 4 or a 5 on one or both of the AP Physics C exams, you may place out of Physics 201 (Mechanics) or 202 (Electromagnetism).
  • If you took the AP Physics B exam, you must start with Physics 201 regardless of score.
  • The UW-Madison School of Engineering requires students to have a 4 or 5 on AP Calculus exams to get credit for Calculus 1. If you got a 3 on this exam, you will need to retake Calc 1 at Edgewood.
  • If you scored a 4 the AP Chem exam, you can start with CHEM 121. If you scored a 5, you can place out of both semesters.

In addition to the majors, many students also chose to do a minor in physics, chemistry, geoscience, biology, or mathematics. See the catalog for additional information major and requirements.

Contact Rachael Lancor for questions on the pre-engineering major or dual degree program.

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