Welcome to the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics!student in chem lab

A student in the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics (CGP) will become a well-informed leader in a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology. Edgewood College instills the understanding of and lifelong enthusiasm for scientific discovery through hands-on learning—both inside and outside of the classroom. With a focus on research, our majors are great starting points for a wide range of careers.

In addition to exceptional facilities and outstanding classroom experiences, students also have the opportunity to participate in science-related clubs and organizations.

Edgewood offers the opportunity to study engineering in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison or Marquette University. In this program, students take 2–3 years of coursework in the natural sciences at Edgewood College and then transfer directly into the College of Engineering at either UW-Madison or Marquette. In just 5 years, students may receive two bachelor’s degrees—one from Edgewood College and another from their College of Engineering.

Jim Goll giving a demo

Students are also encouraged to pursue independent research projects and internships with strong support from faculty, staff, and other students and to get involved in our science-focused student groups.


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