Employment Resources

Lab Assistant Positions

Looking for Work?

Most students are eligible for the work study program. Contact the Financial Aid office for more details.

If you are eligible and like chemistry, consider the benefits of working for the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics:

  1. Flexible hours—you set your schedule around your classes.
  2. Location, location, location—work right here on campus and save commuting time. Most of our work is done in the Sonderegger Science Center or in the Mazzuchelli Center down on the lake.
  3. Learn valuable scientific skills.
  4. Make connections with your professors.
  5. It's FUN!! Why get stuck in a boring job when you can work here?

What We Do

As Laboratory Assistants you will help prepare classroom labs—the very same labs you may be taking. We try to match you up with classes you are taking or with specific areas of your interests. We hope that by doing the prep for your own class will help give you an edge and a better understanding of the material. In addition to prepping labs, you work on special projects like goose counting and composting and on general lab maintenance.


  • Visit one of the campus job fairs to get more information.
  • For Lab Assistant positions, contact Rebecca Vander Zander   608-663-6909