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Our department offers degree programs in chemistry, biochemistry, physics and geoscience.  We’ve developed partnerships across these related disciplines to create a variety of innovative collaborative courses, including one for both chemistry and physics in which students focus on renewable energy and a 3 + 4 chemistry major that allows students to obtain a degree while completing the first year of pharmacy school.

Faculty dedicated to teaching and learning will work closely with you to ensure that you are prepared to meet your educational goals. Our students also have many opportunities to learn outside the classroom: students have been co-authors with faculty on peer-reviewed publications and assisted faculty in a variety of research projects. Many students have also attended professional conferences around the country. Our graduates flourish beyond college, going on to work in private and government laboratories, engineering, pharmaceutical development and sales, biotechnology, quality control, environmental and forensic science, toxicology and many other areas. A good number also go on to teach science themselves at all educational levels.

Our location in Madison, WI, affords you great access to many different cultural, social, and professional opportunities. Guest speakers from local hospitals, medical facilities and biotechnology companies regularly come to campus to address our classes, and many of our students find invaluable internships at these same organizations. Edgewood College provides the unbeatable combination of a rigorous yet flexible education earned at a beautiful lakeside location within a vibrant city.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for visiting.

Dr Rachael Lancor        Department Chair        608.663.6997

STEM Learning Communities

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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics at Edgewood College is to prepare all our students to be well-informed citizens and leaders in a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology.

Based on Sinsinawa Dominican values, we aim to instill in all our students an understanding of, and life-long enthusiasm for, the process of scientific discovery and a commitment to the responsible application of science. We are committed to innovation and excellence in our programs, and to preparing our majors to be successful in science-related careers that are vital for meeting future local, national, and global needs.

CGP Alumni

"Edgewood College's community-like environment makes professors very accessible to students and promotes high academic achievement.  The support I received from professors at Edgewood College, along with my coursework, were integral to my acceptance into dental school."  Alex Wedige, Class of 2018

“Being a physics major at Edgewood College has really allowed me to become a successful student. One thing that has helped me the most is having a smaller department. All of my classes have been between five and ten students, so we’ve always been able to go at our own pace and spend more time on challenging topics. Also, having the same professor for multiple classes has allowed me to get to know them really well and makes them much more approachable for help.”   Alex Hipp, Class of 2018

"As a Chemistry major at Edgewood, I really appreciated being able to explore the different aspects of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It was intellectually stimulating, and has allowed me to be very successful in governmental, academic and private sectors. Because I adapt quickly, listen to those around me and can objectively consider constructive criticism, I stand out in crowds filled with competitive peers over and over again.  The unique environment at Edgewood combines the rigors of a physical science curriculum with a liberal arts education to produce balanced, powerful scientists."  Josh Biller, Class of 2005

Zander Rothering, Chemistry Major, Discusses "Trip of a Lifetime" that is sponsored by Edgewood College: Excursion Trip

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