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Student Organizations

Achievement in Medicine (AIM)

Achievement in Medicine (AIM) is a student organization developed for students who are planning to continue their education in health care related programs after graduating from Edgewood College. Members of AIM have goals of going to medical school, veterinarian school, dentistry school, pharmacy school, physician assistant school, and other health-care related graduate programs. Pre-health professional representatives such as medical school recruiters make contact with students via AIM. If you are planning a career in a health-related field, AIM is the organization that will further your goals.

AIM meetings, special events, and guest speakers will be posted in the display cases next to the elevator. If you are unable to attend the meetings, do not let that keep you from joining AIM and participating in events. Please contact Dr. Goll if you wish to be active in AIM and you will be placed on the e-mail list or if you have any unanswered questions concerning AIM.

At our meetings we do a variety of things: discuss succeeding in coursework and exams such as the Medical College Admission test, go out to dinner, and discuss the needs and concerns of students. We also have guests from the University of Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Rosalind Franklin University, Ross University, and Des Moines University talk about their programs. AIM also arranges tours of some of the hospitals and health care schools in Wisconsin. Members also coordinate raise funds for charitable causes. An average of $1,000 is raised each year.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Brian Lancor, 608-663-6937

Edgewood Science Society (ESS)

ESS is a student organization designed to promote community amongst science majors and students who take science courses. ESS members organize social events on campus, engage in community service, help support K-12 science activities, and plan field trips to see local or regional science exhibits.

Faculty advisor

Professor Rachel Lancor (608) 663-6997

Wood's Edge

Environmentally focused students with a common concern for our Earth and a desire to build their understanding of its many wonders are encouraged to join Wood's Edge. Students engage in social and service activities designed to build fellowship and to extend their classroom learning by engaging in fun outdoor activities. Students work with others both on and off the Edgewood Campus to explore problems affecting our Earth's flora and fauna.

Faculty advisor

Professor Jacob Griffin (608) 663-6934

Science Ambassadors Program

Science Ambassadors is a program run through the Office of Science Outreach at Edgewood College. We aim to spread informal science education and giving volunteer/service opportunities to Edgewood College students. 

Activities include working with kids in afterschool programs, Family Science Night, the Science Olympiad regional tournament and more! 

There are great opportunities for experience in education, working with both kids and adults from varying backgrounds, expanding foreign language skills, and increasing science knowledge. 

Faculty advisor

Professor Amy Schiebel  (608) 663-3414